Springbrook: A weekend of exploration and creativity

Panorama from Panorama from "Best look out of all" at Springbrook National Park

Not very often do I get a chance to have a full day during the weekend to get away to spend on my own and shoot for MYSELF! We spent the day out at Springbrook National Park on a lazy saturday afternoon drive exploring the “non-hikes” around the national park and experimenting with light, panoramic stiching and my favourite from the weekend, gifs.

Purlington Falls and a hike through Springbrook National Park

From L-R: Purlington Falls, little gem discoveries playing with with light, a well trodden path towards the “Best lookout of all”

Glow worm cave, Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park

Slow shutter speed to capturing creating beautiful flowing waterfalls in the Springbrook National Park glow worm cave.

Hannah Billingsley chilling on a rock

After seeing this creation on a blog I stumbled upon a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t help trying it out!