The one constant….

Black and white bus ride

The one constant is….change

Traveling certainly adds an interesting perspective on life. Living out of a suitcase, moving from city to city, new experiences and previously unexplored territory.

As you take a break from reality(on travel) time continues to move forward without you. A rift in your timeline to invigorate your path or perhaps a change of direction at the fork.

Every trip brings reflection from sometimes bad but more oftenly good experiences. The point is to grow and change with the flow.

Word Vomiting…sort of

Yes, in 2 words, word vomitting. I’m attempting to write a little more from now on. Mainly for 2 reasons, improving my writing to complement my photography and secondly, to build a little more traffic for my site.

It’s pretty daunting writing without editing myself(much) and I always seem to find myself dumbfounded when writing the excerpt for my latest Instagram photo. So, I’m just trying to make things a little more easier and put any thoughts I have to paper or rather, to the internet.

At this stage, this is a bit of an experiment since this blog is hooked up to my photography business and since I am still relatively small, I think it will be interesting to see how visitors react to my thoughts and pondering.

For now, I will commit any thoughts I have about photography, dance, business and perhaps some Ice Hockey. Today, I leave you with a photo from 2014. From my first destination wedding over to Queenstown, New Zealand. I was over the moon to get this  gig as I had never been before and managed to round up some friends to do a bit of travelling around after the wedding.

bridal party throwing snowballs at the bride and groom in Queenstown

ps – this blog post is inspired by this blog post by and a blog post by CJ Childers shared in the photography business group I’m a part of


Springbrook: A weekend of exploration and creativity

Panorama from Panorama from "Best look out of all" at Springbrook National Park

Not very often do I get a chance to have a full day during the weekend to get away to spend on my own and shoot for MYSELF! We spent the day out at Springbrook National Park on a lazy saturday afternoon drive exploring the “non-hikes” around the national park and experimenting with light, panoramic stiching and my favourite from the weekend, gifs.

Purlington Falls and a hike through Springbrook National Park

From L-R: Purlington Falls, little gem discoveries playing with with light, a well trodden path towards the “Best lookout of all”

Glow worm cave, Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park

Slow shutter speed to capturing creating beautiful flowing waterfalls in the Springbrook National Park glow worm cave.

Hannah Billingsley chilling on a rock

After seeing this creation on a blog I stumbled upon a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t help trying it out!

Happy Valentines Day! and its special meaning to me

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There is so much love going on in the air and being so closely tied to it through my Wedding and Portrait Photography, I can’t help but feel the “Love In the Air”!

Despite that, this day bears a huger significance to me; it is the day my father passed away without notice 19 years ago, how time flies.

Every year, I celebrate a very different kind of love, the loving memory of my father.

And even more significantly, the point when my mom made a huge sacrifice by taking on the burden and responsibility of caring of my younger brother, sister and myself. There are truly no words for the limitless love she has given to us.

Dad, Min Sheng and Min Wye in America

While I feel Valentine’s Day is riddled by consumerism, I simply take it as a soft reminder to LOVE everyday, regardless of the person, the time of year or the state of mind.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

MinWye Studios Blog is Live!

Many a time, I have tried running a blog for multiple reasons. For my personal day to day, for my dance photography and for my day job.

For the first time, I’ve decided to hook up my Wedding and Portrait website to a blog to talk about my work, inspirations, ideas and photos from photoshoots.

Here’s a precious photo from a newborn photo shoot I did with Quinn, Jordan and Olivia’s son over the weekend.

Quinn Feeding, with Jordan and Olivia