Word Vomiting…sort of

Yes, in 2 words, word vomitting. I’m attempting to write a little more from now on. Mainly for 2 reasons, improving my writing to complement my photography and secondly, to build a little more traffic for my site.

It’s pretty daunting writing without editing myself(much) and I always seem to find myself dumbfounded when writing the excerpt for my latest Instagram photo. So, I’m just trying to make things a little more easier and put any thoughts I have to paper or rather, to the internet.

At this stage, this is a bit of an experiment since this blog is hooked up to my photography business and since I am still relatively small, I think it will be interesting to see how visitors react to my thoughts and pondering.

For now, I will commit any thoughts I have about photography, dance, business and perhaps some Ice Hockey. Today, I leave you with a photo from 2014. From my first destination wedding over to Queenstown, New Zealand. I was over the moon to get this  gig as I had never been before and managed to round up some friends to do a bit of travelling around after the wedding.

bridal party throwing snowballs at the bride and groom in Queenstown

ps – this blog post is inspired by this blog post by John.do and a blog post by CJ Childers shared in the photography business group I’m a part of