Happy Valentines Day! and its special meaning to me

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There is so much love going on in the air and being so closely tied to it through my Wedding and Portrait Photography, I can’t help but feel the “Love In the Air”!

Despite that, this day bears a huger significance to me; it is the day my father passed away without notice 19 years ago, how time flies.

Every year, I celebrate a very different kind of love, the loving memory of my father.

And even more significantly, the point when my mom made a huge sacrifice by taking on the burden and responsibility of caring of my younger brother, sister and myself. There are truly no words for the limitless love she has given to us.

Dad, Min Sheng and Min Wye in America

While I feel Valentine’s Day is riddled by consumerism, I simply take it as a soft reminder to LOVE everyday, regardless of the person, the time of year or the state of mind.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?