Wait, is it just me or are they moving?

Hannah sitting under a tree at Springbrook National Park


A few weeks ago, on a trip to Springbrook National Park, I decided to try capturing photos for a new technique based on a series of photos I saw while looking around the internet. These type of animated photos aren’t new at all but so far, capturing them in a specific fashion has added the most mesmerising feeling to the photos

I call it a “a moment in time”.

I am constantly capturing moments on a wedding day, freezing time for a split second; Special moments  kept as memories to be retrieved at any time. These effects not only creates a feeling of movement in time in the photos but I think just adds a whole other dimension of fun, especially the last photo in this series.

I decided to experiment a little and try it out on a past family shoot that I had done and a maternity shoot from the weekend.

Tell me, back on my Facebook Page – MinWye Studios, which of the three is your favourite?

Maternity photo shoot overlooking the Brisbane River


Wendy and Family, photo shoot at New Farm Park