Wynnum Esplanade: Tish & Jun

Sushi Station?

Tish requested for a location that I had NEVER ever done before, a sushi station! Yup, a sushi station.

One question that I ask is a place where they go together, often; Sushi Train was their answer.

Suffice to say, I have never done a photo shoot in one and the closest to it are local cafes for their rustic or vintage feel. So, when she told me her idea the words “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” echoed through my head!

That said, incorporating eating in photos is my least favourite subject. I rarely shoot during meals as it is un-flattering to the subjects.
Tish and Jun picked a booth and while they had a little to eat and we caught a few great photos of them.

Wynnum Esplanade

We took a drive to the next area, Wynnum Esplanade to take advantage of the beautiful pier in the area.

It was pretty windy and dark rain clouds were closing in on us as we started shooting. Though, I love having wind in my shots, especially since Tish was wearing a gorgeous dress that flowed beautifully in the wind.

We didn’t have much time as the clouds rolled in, you can see the dark skies in some of the photos too.
Luckily, we we made back in wrapping up the afternoon just as it started raining. Perfect Timing!