San Francisco Engagement: Maurice and Maggie

An iconic bridge, a baby seal, road trip, Pho, Wine, Windy Beach, Indian and Karaoke….San Francisco.

Travelling on it’s own is pretty amazing but being able too hang out with 2 really cool people and take pics of them is icing on the cake. Maurice and Maggie asked me to photograph their wedding in San Francisco earlier last year and it took me a mere second to say YES.

She calls him an “aficionado“, they met online through a game where Maurice spent his time quietly perfecting dungeon runs using a female character unbeknownst to many. On the other hand, Maggie had the perfect complimenting character to his own and they started raiding together. After many runs, she started to suspect it was a dude behind the character and finally she asked in which he replied yup. Hilarity ensued with a general chat shout, “xxxxx has a penis!!!!!” This is the game world equivalent of broadcasting on CNN.

You see, Maggie is from Australia, Maurice lives in San Francisco but over time, they grew really close. “She just gets me, my jokes, my ideas, my thoughts”. After taking turns visiting each other…..Brisbane….San Francisco……and she finally made the leap and moved to San Francisco.

2 year, a proposal and a tattoo ring promise later; We take a short road trip over to Napa Valley a few days before the wedding for their engagement session. Starting off in San Francisco to capture the iconic Golden Gate Bridge which I had only seen twice before; once as a child on a trip with my family and the day before from Fisherman’s Wharf. But never this close, we managed a pretty amazing view of it in all it’s glory from Crissy Field.

Continuing, stopping for a bowl of pho on the way to the home of Maurice and Maggie’s favorite winery Inglenook Estate, Napa Valley.
3 things describe Inglenook; Hybrid lemon orange tree(have you ever seen this before? it’s uncanny), vine walls, wine barrels, enough said…..Did I mention I love vine walls? it just melts as a backdrop and since the weather had been inconsistent over the past few days, it was so quiet and perfect for a shoot!

We ended the shoot back in San Francisco, a very short stop at Ocean Beach on a trail up to Cliff House. Before hurrying over to a crazy fun-filled pre wedding guests Indian dinner and Karaoke.