Mooloolaba French Bulldog: Jess and Boo

Mooloolaba Pet Photo Session
I wouldn’t say I’m a pet photography specialist but I do get the occasional family pet included in my portraits and other occasions, a curious animal that the couple took a liking to. What I do specialize in is capturing the essence of a relationship and the bond between Jess and Boo is no different. So Jess decided on a session at Mooloolaba since he is a water baby.

A few things about Boo, he is 5 month old French Bulldog, Jess got him a couple months ago to accompany her first dog who is getting old and what I found really special is Jess and Boo share the same birthdate.

And wow…what a ball of energy he is and while he is a little afraid of heights, he doesn’t shy away from people. We did a few personal photos for Jess and in that time, Boo ran off to make friends with other beach goers particularly popular with the kids!

I knew our session was over as the sunlight was on it’s last legs and Boo scanned down the beach away from the camera and made a MAD dash about 500 metres away from us to play some more with the kids.

Shout out to the people who made this happen
Hair: Iris from The Hair Chapel
Tan: Gina from Simply Me