South Bank: Justin and Allyson

Every year, Brisbane plays host to the Brisbane Festival which hosts an amazing range of musical, theatre, circus shows. Apart from that, it also houses a range of art pieces peppered across Brisbane. I first took advantage of the pop up art installation at South Bank in 2012, Asian themed which littered the riverbank next to QPAC with lanterns. As a creative venture with my ex-housemate, Mandy who is a Tango dancer followed by 2 good friends of mine, Arturo and Madalyn, I took them out and set them up for some photos.

For last year’s Brisbane Festival in South Bank, I made a call out on Facebook for a creative portrait session for the couple with a fun comment, I ended up picking Allyson’s comment:

“Min Wye… What starts with a “J” and ends with “Ustin and Ally”? The couple who is still in need of engagement photos and would LOVE to take you up on your offer!!! 🙂 We would be MORE THAN HAPPY to fill this role!” 

It just so happened that it coincided with Ignite Youth Conference  which both Ally and Justin are heavily involved in. It meant that they were running around like headless chickens but we managed to fit a time in between their busy schedule, close to midnight which meant very few people around, perfect!

Justin and Ally got married earlier this year at Mango Hill Farm up in Gold Coast Hinterland, photographed by Allyson’s aunt from Canada, check out their wedding pics here